The Security & Sustainability Guide

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The Security & Sustainability Guide:
2,000+ Organizations Pursuing Essential Global Goals

The SSG, a project of the World Academy & Art & Science, is based on the premise that people and nations cannot be secure without sustainability, nor sustainable if insecure.  It responds to the fact that challenges facing humanity such as public health preparedness are greatly understated, and the many organizations responding to these challenges are underappreciated.

Begun in 2004, the SSG ( already identifies more than 2,000 organizations concerned with some or all aspects of security (including health and economic security, arms control, peacekeeping, human rights, terrorism, cyber-terrorism, etc.) and/or sustainability (including climate change, sustainable development, biodiversity, pollution, low- or no-carbon economies, green business and economics, food and agriculture, oceans, and transformation to new human-centered paradigms.)

Many of these organizations, notably more than 50 UN agencies and programs, have issued free, handsomely-produced, online reports on environmental issues and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts.  The SSG attempts to highlight the most important new evidence-based reports by scientists and other experts.

New Reports: 80+ on the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and other global challenges;
Overview:  highlighting 68 Notable Organizations, 40 Individual Sustainability Leaders, 6 Generic Categories and 20 Sub-Categories, Index of 60 Major Categories, 157 Information Portals, and Organization Descriptions (date founded, main office, purpose, projects, publications, etc.)
A-Z Index of organizations;
Subject Index with more than 1,350 entries;
Essays and Reviews by members of the SSG Team (mostly published in WAAS journals);
About the Guide: Why “Security & Sustainability”, Meet the SSG Team, and WAAS statements by 
Heitor Gurgulino de Souza on UN concern about security and sustainability since its founding, and Garry Jacobs on the expansion of global civil society and interdependence of global challenges, as amply illustrated by the SSG;
Search Guide by keyword.

Staff:  Michael Marien (Senior Principal), David Harries (Security Principal), Michael Sales (Organization Principal), Friedrich Hirlir (Senior Editor), Dikshya Devkota (Associate), Cyrine Azaiez (Assistant), Iman Bint Abdul Wajid (Assistant), Lorenzo Emilio Rodriguez Vargas (Assistant).

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