Editorial Policy

The editorial guidelines reflect the policy priorities for the publication of articles in this forum of the World Academy. These priorities are:

  1. articles and papers solicited from Fellows or from knowledgeable experts who are members of academies and associations having a fraternal and cooperative relationship with the World Academy;
  2. papers generated in the advancement of specific projects adopted by the World Academy, which may emerge from the give-and-take of electronic seminars or other processes in furtherance of the completion of Academy-adopted projects;
  3. papers that are reasonably well developed and which may serve as a stimulus, among the Fellows, for the development of new project proposals for the World Academy;
  4. other such contributions as may emerge from the Fellows of the World Academy and which the editorial board deems important to be published and made available to all the Fellows of the World Academy; and
  5. that editorial policy enhance creative freedom, fresh perspectives, original ideas and new proposals which capture interface of different disciplines, transparency for non-specialized readers, and challenging conclusions.

Open Access Policy

All articles published by Eruditio are made available under an open access license worldwide immediately. Everyone has free and unlimited access to the full-text of all articles published in Eruditio. All articles published by Eruditio, including data, graphics and supplements, can be cited in other publications, linked electronically, crawled by search engines, re-used by text mining applications or websites, blogs, etc. free of charge under the sole condition of proper accreditation of the source and original Publisher.